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Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

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The V4 Pro is the best pogo stick ever created. It is tuned up for smooth jumping, big air, and tricks. If you're looking for the best of the best, this is it.
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Product details

The best pogo stick in the entire world. The V4 Pro is the best we have to offer...and the best ever created. It takes everything the V4 has and kicks it up a notch.

 The design is based on the idea of a portable trampoline. The best riders in the world can jump 10+ feet in the air on it. The more air you pump into the V4 Pogo Stick, the stiffer the spring will become. The stiffer spring allows you to jump higher than a traditional pogo stick—much higher.

If you’re looking to do tricks, jump over stuff, or go as high as possible – the V4 Pro extreme pogo stick is your best bet.

  • Capable of jumping up to 10' high
  • The BEST pogo stick there is
  • Designed for big air tricks;
  • 2" longer slide shaft for smoother and more powerful jumping compared to the V4
  • Self-lubricating ultra-smooth bushing
  • Made for jumpers 75 lbs and up
  • Backed by our 1-year warranty. If you have any problems whatsoever, let us know and we'll take care of you!

The Vurtego V4 Pro pogo stick is designed for riders who weigh 75 pounds or more. For lighter weight riders, please read more here before purchasing. If you still have questions, shoot us an email and we’ll help out.

Our pogo sticks come fully assembled and ready to jump on. All you need is add air and jump.

International orders may be subject to import duties/taxes. Check out our shipping page for more information.

Slingshot Height:

Extra Small - 41"

Small - 44"

Slingshot Weight:

Extra Small - 5.25"

Small - 5.9"

Shipping Dimensions: 41" X 14" x 5"
Shipping Weight: 15lbs
Cylinder: Aluminum
Footpeg: Glass-Filled Nylon 
Shaft: Aluminum
Handlebars: Aluminum
Softop:  Santoprene
Piston: Glass-Filled Nylon
Grip Tip 60A Rubber 
Shock Absorber: 90A High Rebound Urethane
Piston Seal: 70A Buna Rubber

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Ask a Question
  • Do your pogo sticks require maintenance?

    Yes they do. If you do not perform any maintenance, the interior of the pogo stick will eventually dry out and the bounce will become slower and less powerful. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend adding some lubricant for every 20-30 hours of jumping time, which is usually once a month if you use it very frequently. After about 4-5 times of adding lubricant, we recommend doing a full oil change during which you clean things up and add more lube. Keeping the stick lubed will make the ride much easier and more fun.

  • Why do the handlebars bend?

    For safety reasons. We learned a long time ago that it is better for the handlebars to bend than for your body to bend. It's fairly cheap and really easy to replace bent handlebars. If your face happens to hit the handlebars because you're trying a big air trick and miss the footpegs with your feet, the cost to replace some teeth is much more expensive.

  • Can I jump higher on a bigger size?

    We usually tell people to stick with the size that fits best. While a taller size does have the ability to jump higher because of the increased air pressure, trying to jump on a size that's too big doesn't really help. If the pogo stick is too tall and you cannot get your upper body bent over the top of it, your center of gravity will be off, and you won't be able to capitalize on using your bodyweight to compress the spring to the max. Just take a look at the world records. They were all set by people on mediums. If the large helped them jump higher, they'd all be using a large instead of a medium.

  • What kind of safety gear do you recommend?

    Helmet and close-toed shoes. We don't think you need anything else unless it makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Can I use it when it's raining?

    No way! The only thing connecting you to mother earth is a 3" wide grip tip. If there is any water whatsoever on the ground, please do not get onto the pogo stick!!!

  • Do you need to use a helmet?

    Yes! You never know when an accident might happen. That's why it's called an accident. One weird and unexpected crash can change your entire life. The only other thing we recommend aside from the helmet are close-toed shoes.

  • What kind of oil can I use?

    All of the materials used in the V4 are impervious to standard oils and chemicals, so you can use whatever you'd like. We use 1000 CST Silicone Oil at the warehouse, but most high-level users actually prefer to use Baby Oil Gel due to how slick it is. We also use Baby Oil Gel ourselves because of how easily we can jump (and also because the lavender scented one smells like a field of flowers while you jump). The reason we don't use Baby Oil Gel for customers is because it is probably a little too dangerous for a first-time user and we'd prefer you to get used to something a little slower jumping like the 1000 CST Silicone Oil. If you want to get some Baby Oil Gel for yourself, make sure to get the Gel and not just baby oil.

  • Can I leave it pumped up between uses?

    Yes, this will not create any issues whatsoever. We only recommend that if the pogo stick has been lying on its side you stand it up for a minute or two before using it. This allows the lubricant that was previously pooled up on the bottom side of the cylinder to redistribute and cover the entire cylinder again.

  • What is the max psi I can pump into it?

    The piston and cylinder are both capable of holding more than 750 psi, so you could potentially inflate the pogo stick to around 250 psi...although most pumps only go up to around 125 to 150 psi.

  • How does it collapse for travel mode?

    When you remove all of the air the pogo sticks automatically collapses for travel mode.

  • How do you adjust the air spring for different people?

    The more air you pump into the V4 the stiffer the spring becomes. If you find that the spring in your pogo stick doesn't compress when you jump on it, you can easily remove air by pressing the button in the middle of the Schrader to release air.

  • How do I pump it up?

    It's very simple. All you need is a pump with a Schrader valve, which is what any car tire uses. Hook the pump up to the pogo stick and inflate it. We generally recommend 1/4 to 1/3 of your bodyweight in psi (in pounds), so if you weight 100 pounds, we'd recommend 25 to 33 psi.

  • Can I spray paint the cylinder?

    Yes, definitely. A lot of people do this to customize their pogo sticks. The process is pretty simple, and we have it broken down on our FAQ page. In short, you'd need to sand the powder coat a bit so that the spray paint can stick to the cylinder, and then mask off the areas you don't want to get paint and get at it.

  • What are the weight requirements?

    We recommend weighing at least 75 pounds. There is no true maximum weight. The footpegs can withstand any weight, and the cylinder can be inflated to 125 psi using any standard bike pump, which would be enough for anyone up to 400 pounds to jump on it.

  • I'm 275 pounds. Can I use it?

    The pogo stick can handle you without any problems whatsoever.  The more important question is probably "are you ok with jumping a couple feet off the ground and landing on your feet?"

  • What is the temperature range that the V4 can be used at?

    At around 30 degrees Fahrenheit the rubber of the piston seal contracts very slightly and causes the pogo stick to have a bit of an air leak. The pogo stick works just fine, but it'll need to be refilled with air here and there. All of the materials used can go down well into the negatives if you're crazy enough to try it. Just make sure not to jump on any ice. EVER!

  • What is the temperature range that the V4 can be used at?

    It’s hard to say exactly what temperatures our sticks can operate at without actually cruising down to Antarctica, but I’m feeling that our chances of surviving each are favorable.


    The majority of the V4 is made of 6061 Aluminum or Stainless Steel – no problem there.

    The same goes for the nylon that we use for the bushing and piston, each of which can handle -100ºF – 450ºF.

    Our urethane parts – shock absorber donuts and our bounce pads – have a more limited temp range, the upper of which is probably about 275ºF, so you’re all good in Death Valley. I wouldn’t leave it sitting in the back seat of the blistering sun. Even though the heats of the desert are fine for bouncing, a stick sitting in the backseat of, say, Phoenix, will for sure hit temps in the 200s (we actually experienced this with some older, cheaper V2 shock donuts; as a result, we changed urethanes to one with a higher temperature range).

    The stick itself will generate its own internal heat from the friction. The slide shaft gets pretty hot to the touch, and the cylinder will get warm. This heat generated won’t be anything to lose sleep over…and in the snowy wastelands, the warm cylinder could potentially act as a source of warmth when held tight.

    My biggest worry would be the Antarctic climate. At those brisk temps the rubber o-ring would constrict a little bit and would be likely to leak air a little bit. The grip tip urethane could also start to become pretty rock hard and would have a tough time gripping the ground. If you have enough soft snowpack, who knows, you might actually be just fine with grip. On cement however…

    We have customers pretty far north in Canada (eh), and they don’t seem to have issues with the freezing cold aside from their bodies not really being able to handle it.

  • How long does it hold air for?

    Our V4 can hold air for several days to weeks at a time depending on how you use it and what air pressure it is being used at. The more air pressure you put into it, the better it will hold air.


    If you’re using, say 60 psi and aren’t doing a bunch of crazy tricks, you can probably jump on the same air for a week. If you’re doing a bunch of tricks, however, you’ll probably want to adjust the air pressure up and down for the different stuff that you do.

    With a low air pressure, you might need to pump the V4 up daily. With a really low pressure (30 psi and below) you might need to pump the V4 up on a daily basis.

  • How high will I be able to jump?

    How high you can jump really depends on your own athletic ability. Can you dunk a basketball? If so, you’ll probably be able to get on the V4 and fly…although it’ll take practice before you’re able to or even ready to jump high. If you’re not very coordinated or athletic, you will have a much harder time jumping high than someone who is. With enough practice, just about everyone should be able to jump 5′ or higher. The best of the best will be able to go 9′-10′ once they get really, really good on it. The current world record is shared by three people and it is 10 feet 6 inches up and over a bar.

  • What size should I get if I'm right on the line between two sizes?

    It depends.


    Are you looking to use it for recreation and exercise, hopping around mostly at lower altitudes? Or are you planning to jump high and do big air tricks?

    We have a few Vurtego team riders that are over 6′ tall, but they prefer to bounce on a medium because the smaller size makes it easier to maneuver, and the lighter weight makes it easier to whip around in the air.

    However, a large holds about 18″ of extra air volume than a medium, which creates a softer bounce.

    The size that you should choose is dependent on what you want to do with the pogo stick. If you’re looking to do lots of tricks, get the medium. If you’re looking for exercise and occasional high jumps, get the large.

    You won’t necessarily jump higher on a large than a medium. You will jump highest on the stick that fits your body the best. Just about all of the world height records have been set on a medium because the riders who set the records have always felt more comfortable on a medium.

    PROTIP: If you have longer than average legs, the large would probably be ideal
    PROTIP: If you’re planning on sharing it with others, about 60% of all of our sales are mediums.

  • What is the difference between the V4 and V4 Fit? (for V4 Fit Page)

    The V4 Pro Pogo Stick is everything the V4 Pogo Stick is plus a bit more. There are three differences:
    It’s green compared to the white V4.
    The V4 Pro has a reduced friction, mod-ready bushing. With about 78% less friction than the V4 bushing, it’s smoother right out of the box. We also put ‘lube pockets’ into the bushing so that you can add your own lubricant, which gets trapped between the shaft and bushing, creating a self-lubricated shaft…and an even smoother ride.
    The V4 Pro has two additional inches of slide shaft stroke, which come into play when trying to do tricks, jump high, or jump off of things.


    The Pro is geared more to the people who are interested in doing tricks, however, it’s smoother overall bounce makes it better for just about any situation—once you get over the fact that it’s 2” higher off the ground.

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